Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's Resolution

Omg I can't believe it that 2014 is gonna be over in less than 24 hours!!

It's time for some reflection and new year's resolution!! It is always nice to have something to look back to when you're older so that you don't forget those memories :)

This year has been a very busy but fulfilling one cuz it has been all about mugging during school times and of course my Summer Studies in Korea and me turning 21 is my best times and highlight of this year!!

I had the chance to visit South Korea twice this year and both were very memorable experience for me! I met so many new people and went to lots of new places during my Summer Studies trip and I'm really grateful that my mom supports and encourages me in going for such experiences. In fact, she wanted me to go to US for my Summer Studies but I just didn't have the guts to do it and also I didn't want to burden her too much on the cost because going to US would have cost 2 times more than Korea. >_<  Thank you so much for encouraging me to have courage to take on new experiences ^_^

I've also went for another OCIP to Vietnam but this time is with my uni! Unlike my first trip, our purpose there was to finish up the construction of a kindergarden for the children over there as well as teaching the primary school children English! It was a really eye opener and touching experience because I've never expected myself to fall in love with children. In Singapore, the kids I meet on the streets or interact with are mostly really screamy, spoilt (for some only), and annoying. They are just unappreciative. 

But over there in Vietnam, the kids really cherishes every single moment, experiences and things that they have!! We weren't experienced in anyway with teaching English but they really try their very best to learn and pay attention to us during lesson time. If it's Singapore kids, they would have got bored and wander away already I guess. 

The kids there get attached to you really quickly too and make sure you blend in with them well by including you with whatever games they are playing, even for really extremely simple games like pepsi cola they also can play until sibei happy one and I feel really grateful for that because in Singapore, ostracization is a common sight in school and kids nowadays won't be satisfied with playing such simple games anymore. They want gadgets.

I had a really fun time teaching and playing with the Vietnamese kids and I am truly touched by their pureness and contentment. :) It's the very few times where I feel truly happy from the bottom of my heart when I'm with them. 

Also, this year I've also find myself adapting better to university life and that is to really have enough sleep (7 hours) especially when you're feeling very stressful!! It really helps you to think better and prevents you from going crazy because of studies and exams!! 

I still remember during my first sem in NTU, during the exam period, I was like mugging like some mad woman, sleeping at 4am for like 3 days straight and end up still got a D+ for Discrete Math. I really almost went berserk at that point in time. It was then I decided that No, I'm not gonna make myself go crazy because of studies. It's totally not worth it and I feel that's not what uni is there for. So I start to relax myself, learn at my own pace, stop comparing with others and have ample sleep. And after doing that for the past semesters, I feel better emotionally & physically and my degree audit looks a little nicer as well :) I'm also really grateful for all the help and support I've received from all my friends this year, without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to do it as well! Many many gamxia haha. (To my poly clique, keep the fire going okay hahahaha)

But still studies in NTU is still very stressful but you just have to find time to relax yourself. It's really not worth it going crazy and losing your soul (I almost did in my first sem) because of GPA.

Next thing for this year, I've fallen in love with makeup so much out of the sudden hahaha. All my close friends were so shocked to be honest and I find that makeup is so fun!! I used to thing that makeup is so troublesome because you still need to take them off at the end of the day but right now I don't think that way anymore haha. Maybe because I see too many chiobus in Korea already that's why haha.

Lastly, I've lost about 10-11kg of weight this year!!! That's really a major thing for me because I've never lost so much weight before!! But the weird thing is, I have no idea how did I manage to slim down so much. I still eat whatever I want but in smaller portions compared to before and workout once a week and that is all. Went to see my regular doctor and when I told her about this, she was very concerned so I'm quite worried about it as well whether or not I'm losing weight healthily. But right now, I'm just glad that I can wear nicer clothes and take this opportunity to revamp my entire wardrobe because all my current clothes can bearly fit me nicely now. hahaha

That's pretty much my year in 2014. Exams, Korea, Exams hahaha

For the coming year 2015. I hope that I will be able to maintain my weight and a healthy lifestyle by working out more and eat more healthily ^_^ I also hope to improve my makeup skills, blog more regularly, and continue to study hard (and relax well at the same time) and make my mom proud ^_^

2015 please be a good year!! HWAITING HWAITING HWAITING! :D

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