Friday 7 December 2018

99 Roses - Little Flower Hut

Hi everyone!! How're you doing? :) 

Today I will be bringing you a guest post by Little Flower Hut who will be sharing with you about the meaning of 99 roses and how you can convey different messages with different colours of roses to your loved ones. Check it out! :)

99 Roses Meaning: “My Love Will Last Until Forever”
When it comes to expression of love and devotion, Roses are the best type of flower ideal to send to a very special woman. But if you want to express or convey a love that is meant to last until forever, the 99 Roses bouquet is the most significant bouquet to send for Flower Delivery Singapore. If this is what you want to convey to someone you love deeply, the Singapore Florist has a selection of designs. Here are some options for your gift of 99 Roses bouquet:

·       99 Roses in One Color
The magic of flowers is powerful as you express your love through a hand bouquet of 99 Roses in one color – red. Red Roses are proven to be the most expressive flower especially when it is about the language of love. If you are looking for a perfect bouquet to send to let her know that your love is meant to last until forever, you will never get disappointed of this magical bouquet.

·       99 Roses in Mixed Colors
A bouquet of 99 Roses looks beautiful in mixed colors. With different colors and shades of pink, red, violet, and blue Roses available at the flower shop, the expression of forever love can be more charming. The florist in Singapore will help you customize a design for your 99 Roses bouquet using different colors of Roses.

·       99 Roses with Teddy Bear
An enchanting bouquet of 99 Roses can be paired with a Teddy Bear and this will be a unique and impressive way of expressing your love that you meant until forever. If you want to tell her or remind her that you are devoted in loving her till forever, a florist delivery of 99 Roses and teddy bear is a perfect choice.

·       99 Roses with Chocolates
Roses and chocolates are a perfect pair when it comes to romantic gifts. The 99 Rose can be your meaningful gift of birthday flowers to the special lady on her birthday celebration. With a box of the best brand of chocolates, you will surely captivate her heart. You have a lot of choices for the best-tasting chocolates at the flower shop.

If you can’t say the right words at the right time, let the Flower Delivery of 99 Roses express your admiration, devotion, and emotion. With a charming big bouquet of 99 fresh Roses, you can say “My love will last until forever.”


That's the end of the guest post! :) 
If you're looking for a 99 rose bouquet for the love of your life, do feel free to check out Little Flower Hut!
And if you're looking for a makeup artist in Singapore, do feel free to contact me :)

Thank you for reading till the end and see you again!

xoxo, Luna

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Sudio Sweden Nivå Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece


Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve touched based with you and I hope you are all doing well in whatever you’re doing :)

Today I’ll be sharing with you a newly launched product from Sudio Sweden and that is the Nivå, Sudio's wireless Bluetooth earpiece. :)

I had the chance to try out the product and would like to share with you my thoughts on it.

Here is how the Nivå looks like!

You’ll receive it in a box like this and upon opening, the Nivå earpiece would be stored in a sleek charging case like this.

And TA-DAH, here is the beautiful Nivå sitting nicely in the charging case. Isn’t the rose gold buttons gorgeous?

The Nivå actually comes in 2 colours, Black and White.
The Black comes in a full black furnish while the White comes with buttons that are rose gold in colour. You guys know I usually always opt for the Black colour but this time round I chose the White one instead because the rose gold buttons were just too pretty!!!

The charging case itself has LED lights in the front to tell you how much power does it have at the moment which you can conveniently tell when you’ll need to charge the case.

The case is charged via the micro usb port at the back of the case.

It also comes with additional ear buds in multiple size which you can change to suit your ear sizes along with the Sudio Warranty Certificate card and micro USB charging cable.

To pair it with your phones, you simply have to hold the buttons on the earphones to on it and connect it once it shows up in the Bluetooth selection page in your phone. For me I had a bit of struggle when pairing it with my S9 but the pairing was pretty smooth with my iPhone 6. Prolly still need a bit more time to get use to it haha.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

From now till 31st Oct 2018, you’ll get to receive a free 4-piece coasters set when you purchase the Nivå and on top of that, you can also use my code “LUNARRIVE15” to enjoy a 15% off your purchase! :)

For more details, do visit Sudio Sweden :D

Hope you had a great day and a good time in whatever you do! Take care, xoxo.

Special thanks to Sudio for the opportunity to review the beautiful Niva.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Monday 11 September 2017

[Yue Qi Makeup Artistry] All White Fashion Editorial Makeover

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

All White Fashion Editorial Makeover by Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

My kind of weekends. Makeup, makeup and makeup haha.

Proudly presenting to you one of my latest editorial makeup work, the All White Fashion Editorial Makeover. Major LOVING how the ladies are looking with all the work we all have put together for this assignment! <3 So thankful to have this opportunity to work such an amazing team. ^_^

More works available at my portfolio site: Yue Qi Makeup Artistry :)

Can't wait to share with you guys my future works once they're out! I can't wait to see the final results as well!!!!!! :D

Monday 21 August 2017

Time for A Breather


Throwback to the times when our lives were (slightly) more at ease...

Feeling a little burnt out recently mostly because I haven't had a good day off for quite awhile. Having works to do definitely keeps me going and I certainly enjoy working more than studying because I'm constantly learning new skills and knowledge every single day. I get to meet new people, work with new models during the weekends for my makeup work and during the weekdays, I meet people from my client company for my department's projects. It's definitely interesting and exciting, but I guess I really need to take a step back, hit the cross trainer more at home to prevent having my already flabby thighs from getting any flabbier hahaha

For those who are going through hard and / or busy times, let's HWAITING TOGETHER!!



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