Friday 13 June 2014

[Review] Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence R & W

Hi everybody, today I will be sharing with you guys my views on the Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence R & W. :) Lately, I've been having really super painful breakouts around my chin area and they are just super annoying cuz when one heals, another one pops up on my face. UGH

Somehow I find my old anti-trouble spot treatments from THEFACESHOP and Body Shop have stopped working out for me (they used to work really well for my zits to be honest) so I'm planning to use other brands' spot treatments before going back to using the ones that I've tried before (I still have spare ones in my house that's why) to see if they will work on me again. >_<

So I've decided that it's a good time to give these two spots treatments (cuz there are so many zits to experiment on) which I've bought during my Korea trip a try :) I've been using these two essences for the past 1-2 months so my verdict (a.k.a opinion) is final for these two products. :D

These two spot treatments are actually meant for two different kind of acne conditions so they are meant to be used together on different areas of your skin (depending on where your zits are) and that's why I bought both of them together :)

innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence W review lunarrive singapore korean skincare acne treatment

innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence W review lunarrive singapore korean skincare acne treatment

First is the bija anti-trouble spot essence W!

The W one is meant for treating pimples which are smaller, calmer and less red.

First impression on this one is that its gentle on the skin but in terms of its effectiveness in making my small pimples go away, not very impressive. :/ It takes a longer time (around 4-7 days) to see improvements on my face.

innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence R review lunarrive singapore korean skincare acne treatment

The second one is the bija anti-trouble spot essence R!

The R one is meant for treating red hot 'spicy' pimples!

My first impression on this one wasn't very good because of it's super strong herbal smell. However, the effectiveness of it is very good as it is able to bring my red hot chili pepper pimples down to just a much calmer and less painful state within 2 days of application. Hence, I decided to put up with the smell as its effectiveness is way more important for me. So if you're those kind who can't stand strong odor, do take note of this one here!

innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence R & W review lunarrive singapore korean skincare acne treatment

This is how the actual product looks like. 
The white one is from the W and green one is from the R.

The R one has a creamy consistency where as W has a gel like consistency. I would prefer the W one in terms of texture and consistency wise as it gets absorbed into my skin more easily compared to the R one.

However, I find myself using the R one more than the W because the R one treats my pimples quicker than the W (and also becuz my skin has a higher tendency of getting red hot chili pepper kind of pimples than small little ones hence the R one suits better in my condition). 

This maybe because the content of the R spot essence is stronger than the W one so do take note when you are planning to purchase either one or both of these spot essences. If your skin is very sensitive, I would recommend that you start off with the W one first as it's more gentle in my opinion. 

But if you are somebody who has both red hot chili pepper kind of pimples as well as small and calm zits, I would recommend to get both to get them fixed respectively with the R and W. The R one will be too strong for treating the smaller and calmer zits.

Overall, both of them do deliver the results that I want (and need) but you will have to be more patient with the W one though because it takes a little more time for it to have any effects on your skin.

I will consider repurchasing the R one but I would definitely not repurchase the W essence as the R one suits my acne condition better. 



  1. Hi, I noticed you posted this several months ago. Do you still find "R" essence to be effective?

    1. Hi Jenny, yes it is still effective on my skin especially on fresh red zits :) You can check out this post: for a more recent update on the "R" essence ^_^

  2. I used the R formula and it really worked for me. It's my go-to pimple treatment now whenever I breakout. It's great!! :)

    1. Hi Vivian, I'm glad that it worked well for you!! ^_^ It is my holy grail zit treatment product as well haha

  3. Hi there! Can i check with you whether it is still alright to apply makeup after applying the R formula? Or will the skin dry/crack? :)

    1. Hey there! I've never try applying makeup right after applying the R formula before so I don't really know for sure if it will cause the skin to look dry/crack. But I think if you moisturize well after applying the R formula, it should be alright with makeup on. :)

  4. Oh! I think I read this post way before I met you! Haha. I went to buy the R essence after reading this post! Hehe.

    1. Ohh my, that's so cool haha! I'm glad that my review was helpful for you! ^_^

  5. Hi i would like to ask..? Where can i buy your product?



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