Tuesday 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolution

Time really flies and tomorrow it's gonna be 2014 already!

2013 has been a really fast year for me and I can't believe it's gonna be over so soon already!

And since a new year is beginning soon, it's time for some new year's resolution and reflection!!

Monday 30 December 2013

Maccha House

maccha house orchard central review lunarrive singapore

During one of our weekend dates when ma boy booked out, we happened to come across the Maccha House after having our regular Genki Sushi cravings fixed at Orchard Central haha (Genki Sushi rocks!!! :D)

Friday 27 December 2013

Laneige Water Bank Set

Recently, my friend introduced me to Laneige's products especially the Water Bank Line ones and I'm really interested in them but I haven't got the money to buy them because they are on the pricey side to me compare to the ones I'm currently using (THEFACESHOP skincare products). >_<

But during this festive season, Laneige launched their holiday gift sets at their various boutiques and departmental counters!The packagings are so nice and the price of the sets makes them very worth buying!!! So I got myself the Water Bank Set!!!

laneige holiday gift sets water bank set lunarrive singapore
TADAH!!! It costs $89 including small samples of their toner, emulsion and eye cream plus a water bank mask as well!! If you really go and do the calculations, 1 bottle of Water Bank Essence at retail price is already $65 and 1 tub of Sleeping Pack cost $45 which total up to $110!

But right now you just pay $89 and you still get extra products somemore!!!  :D

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

(Sneaky and mischievous boyfie! :P)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Hope everyone have a nice day and had a nice year :)

This year's Christmas I got to have a simple day with my family and ma boy but it was a happy and heartwarming one and I hope in future, every year's Christmas can be as happy (or even happier) as this year's one! :D

Monday 23 December 2013

Sistema Microwaveable Noodle Bowl

After living in hall for approximately 3 months, I would like to share a tip on what I found and do to prepare a meal for myself. Whenever I'm too lazy to walk more than 20 steps out to buy food from my hall's canteen, I always cook (microwave to be exact) food for myself at the pantry.

 I am very lazy when it comes to cooking because I hate dish washing. I also don't like to wait very long at the stove for my meal to be cooked (even though the food I always eat are either instant porridge / noodles) so microwaving is the only solution because I can go back to my room and do other stuffs first before going back to the pantry again to collect the food.

And when I first started to microwaving instant porridge and/or noodles, it ends up like this:

I don't know if this only happens to me or what but it really looks quite disgusting and unappealing. Most importantly, it's EXTREMELY HARD to wash because the food content just won't stop overflowing!!! (Probably cuz my hall's microwave is too sucky already)

So, I decided to get this microwave bowl over here!!!

Saturday 21 December 2013

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Dinner at Sarang :)

HEY GUYS!!! :)))
Today it will be all about KOREAN FOOD :D

Me and my uni friends had a gathering at Sarang before our exams started to boost ourselves up before the fight and I shall show you guys the food that we ordered at Sarang! :D


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