Saturday 13 December 2014

Etude House My Castle Ice Frozen Hand Cream

Today I'll be bringing you guys a review on the new Etude House My Castle Hand Cream!!!

There are 4 different kind of fragrance available with different kind of packaging and the one I've chosen is the Ice Frozen one ^_^

Etude House My Castle Ice Frozen Hand Cream Review lunarrive

Etude House My Castle Ice Frozen Hand Cream Review lunarrive

The packaging is seriously super duper cute so it can be a very nice display item on your desk too and at the same time, give your hands moisturization as and when you need :)

Etude House My Castle Ice Frozen Hand Cream Review lunarrive

The fragrance of the Ice Frozen is the most refreshing among the 4 scents available :)

I find that the texture of the cream, it is rather thin but I find it kinda hard to pick up products from the bottle because you either have to use your fingers to scoop out the product or use a spatula. Gentle finger scooping does not do the work so it can be quite unhygienic actually if you use your fingers.

In terms of the cream's moisturizing effect, I find that it is rather average, it is not very moisturizing but one thing I do like is that it gets absorbed very fast and my hands will not have to feel sticky for a long time like some other hand creams I've tried before. :)

Definitely 5 stars for the cute packaging but probably 3.5 stars for the cream!

I'll keep the bottle still for display after I've finished using the cream hahaha


  1. This is such a cute way to package Hand Cream~ ^ - ^
    I would like to get the Sweet Cookie one! ^ w ^

    1. I wanted to get the Sweet Cookie one too cuz it smells so delicious haha but had to stop myself if not I would have had too many hand creams on hand haha! >_<

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