Monday 20 October 2014

Pasta De Waraku

Today, I will be blogging about my experience at Pasta De Waraku, a Japanese Casual Pasta & Cafe Restaurant. Just to spoil you a little first, it is a mixed review. I am not in anyway an expert in reviewing food so this is just purely on how I truly feel about the food served in layman terms haha.

I've had great and jialat (bad) experiences with this restaurant chain so read on if you are somebody who loves pasta like me (read on also if you don't in case if you have friends who likes pasta :D).

I will start off with my good experience with Pasta De Waraku.

The last time I went to Pasta De Waraku was when I was still in my poly year 1 days where the restaurant had attractive promotions for students. Me and my friends frequent the restaurant and when they decided to end the student promotion, we just stop going to the restaurant because it was kinda pricey for us back when we didn't have any income, savings or whatsoever. The food back then was pretty good and consistent in standards :)

So I am starting my impression on Pasta De Waraku afresh because it's been about 2 years ( or maybe more ) since I've visited this restaurant.

My first dining experience at this restaurant this year was around in end of May with ma boy at the Changi Airport outlet around 3pm (awkward timing for a meal haha).

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ewha Summer Studies Day #16 - 18 : Running Man at Ewha x Bauhouse x Namdaemun Hotteok

On Day 16 of my time here in Korea!

We were supposed to go to Namdaemun market to have some oiishii Hotteok for lunch but we ended up spotting SBS's camera man when we were going out of Ewha university!

And after that, we decided to follow the camera man and there's a large pool of people outside Top Ten (a Korean fashion store)!!!

And you know what!!!

Ewha University Summer Studies Travel Seoul Korea Running Man filming lunarrive blog singapore

Turns out that Running Man was filming upstairs of this building!!! *SHOCK OF MY LIFE*

Thursday 2 October 2014


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