Wednesday 28 January 2015

Innisfree Orchid Skincare Series

Today I'll be bringing you guys a review on the Innisfree Orchid Skincare series!! :)

I first encountered this series during my first Korea trip in 2014 and I totally fell in love with the Orchid Enriched Cream after using it so I decided to try out other items in the series as well :)

Innisfree Orchid Skincare Series Review lunarrive blog singapore

The first thing I wanna highlight is that the smell of this series is really nice in my opinion! Not too strong, not too sweet, not too floral, it's just nice and refreshing ^_^

Tuesday 20 January 2015

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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Learning Courses in Singapore

Hello everybody, today I’ll be sharing with you guys a website called! :)

Have you ever went or searched for self-enrichment courses such as photography and make up courses before? I certainly have for photography courses and it is a rather painful search because you don’t really know whether or not the course(s) suits you or not and what’s worst is that you have to search everywhere on Google to find a suitable one! Time consuming wohhhh

But right now, there’s no need for painful searches anymore because Learning Courses has it all for you!

What’s unique about Learning Courses is that it is a directory of courses that are available in Singapore, which will allow us who lives in Singapore to be able to efficiently find a suitable course to enrich ourselves!! They have a wide range of categories ranging from cooking and baking to arts and even make up courses!!!

Monday 5 January 2015


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