Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

This pic taken back when I had Jewel Pink (and long) hair haha

But nice hair color does not last long and I just snipped my hair (a lot) again lolol

Now I have shoulder hair length hair!!!

I didn't asked for it to be cut till so short but I think the hair stylist wanted to snip away all my ugly bleached portions and that's why it ended up so short.

Having bittersweet feeling with my hair right now man haha

Anyway, have a Merry Xmas everybody hohoho!!! ^_^


  1. I'm looking for hair model who is willling to get a bob haircut. Are you interested?

    1. Hey there, I'm currently not interested in going any shorter with my hair, sorry about it. Thanks for the offer still though :)



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