Wednesday 10 December 2014

[Review] IOPE Trouble Clinic Moisturizing Cream

Today I'll be bringing you guys a review on the IOPE Trouble Clinic Moisturizing Cream!! :)

IOPE Trouble Clinic Moisturizing Cream Review lunarrive blog

I got this moisturizer during my Summer Studies in Korea and the reason I picked this up is because I wanna have a cream that helps with acne whenever I am breaking out especially hormonally and at the same time provides moisturization.

IOPE Trouble Clinic Moisturizing Cream Review lunarrive blog

Some background information about the Trouble Clinic line of skincare from IOPE:

It targets skin prone that are prone to problems and the top priority is relieving the troubled areas as well as to create a complexion free from problems to recover beauty from within. The main reason for skin problems is the environment. In order to fight against it, a double layer action has been created to combat trouble from inside out and promote healthier and smoother skin.

- Balance the skin sebum and pH level
- Eucalyptus oil and extracted active ingredients to help sooth the skin and relieve redness


These are what were on a small slip of instructions inside the packaging and it was precisely why I chose this moisturizer when I was still in Korea because my skin was breaking out pretty badly at that period of time.

However, I do have to disagree with them regarding the main reason for skin problems is due to environment. I feel that skin problems can arise because of many reasons, not just mainly from the environment. It can be due to your diet, genetics, hormones and etc so I feel that all aspects should be well taken care of instead of just the environment aspect.

Anyway, I had high hopes for this particular product and I started using it about a month ago after I finished my previous moisturizer. I really wanted it to work out for me but sadly it did not.

Whenever I use this moisturizer, my skin feels HEAVY. It's the first time I feel that my skin is heavy (without makeup) from a skincare product. 

Initially, I thought the product just needs sometime for it to set into my skin but turns out that after about 30 minutes, my skin starts to have flaky white dusts (looks something like dead skin which flakes when you rub or doing peeling treatment to your skin) when I randomly touch my face. 

This happens EVERYTIME I use this product and I don't know why it happens as well. In addition, I do not feel my skin is being moisturized in any way as well after using this product. My skin feels extremely heavy and perhaps due to its heaviness, my skin started to breakout even more. :(

Perhaps the heaviness is one of the ways the product is used to protect the skin from external environment harmfulness but it has certainly caused internal havoc in my skin. 

Furthermore, when I use this moisturizer below my makeup, I've also realized that my foundation does not go on as well compared to the past moisturizers I've used. Worse still, my face looks patchy after my foundation goes on. It was a total shocking experience cuz that never happened before in the past.

This further proves that it does not moisturize well enough and certainly does not help in smoothening out my skin.

Hence, I would not recommend this product to anyone at all. Absolutely no one (sadly). 

I'm very disappointed with the results I've gotten with this cream and the price of it was on the steep side as well so I really wanted this cream to work out but sadly it didn't sigh..

Right now, I have moved on to another moisturizer (Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream, also gotten from my recent Korea trip) and my skin condition has calmed down a lot after steering away from the Trouble Clinic one.

If you've tried this product before, please do comment below and share with me your experience with this product. >_<

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