Monday 29 September 2014

Ewha Summer Studies Day #15 : Garden of Morning Calm

Back to Day 15 of my summer studies trip in Seoul!! :)

On Day 15, we went to the Garden of Morning Calm which is located at Gapyeong-gun!!

Ewha University Summer Studies Travel Korea Garden of Morning Calm lunarrive blog singapore

It's an awesome-ly BEAUTIFUL place I swear but it's also "awesome-ly" inconvenient! >_<
The Garden of Morning Calm is about 1.5 to 2 hours travelling time from Seoul but it's worth the time in my opinion as the scenery is really G.O.O.D!!!

No more talking, move on to awesome pictures (with funny and model style poses by YX :P) that requires no editing! *wink*

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Horrible Hormonal Breakout Part 2

Hello everybody! I'm back with my hormonal breakout part 2 (with more pics of my gross zits though, sorry!) !!! 

Unlike my previous post, Part 2 will be about my acne treatment routine which is more effective but require a longer period of time to apply so I only do this when I really have the time to spare. 

The products I use for this routine are all purchased during my haul in Korea back in January. I will also be reviewing the products that I will be mentioning in this post! So read on!! :)

Ugly zit and marks there ughhhhh

Monday 15 September 2014

Ewha Summer Studies Day #14: Busan Part 2!

It's time for Busan Part 2!!! ^_^

We visited lots of place on the 1st day compared to the 2nd day hahaha

Note: many of the pictures in this post is taken with my Samsung Note 2 which has a super sucky, blur and unstable camera (I'm absolutely gonna get iPhone next!!) because I couldn't bring myself to shoot in the rain with my baobei EX2F (It was (sadly) raining for the entire day on our 2nd day here in Busan! ><) so please kindly bear with me!!!


First stop is breakfast!!

We had our breakfast at Shinsegae Food Market after checking out from our hostel (our hostel was pretty near Shinsegae)!

Busan Shinsegae Food Market Korea lunarrive Travel blog Singapore

According to our buddy, this Shinsegae in Busan is the biggest of all Shinsegae outlets and it even has it's own ice skating rink!

Saturday 13 September 2014

Car Accident

As the title states, I got into a car accident yesterday late afternoon while on my way back home in my friend's car. It's our first time getting into a car accident and there's only one word I can say about the entire incident - Shock.

Everything happened so quickly and before I even knew it, *BANG*!!!!!! We hit the car in front of us who stopped out of the blue in the middle of the highway. I don't know what is the cause of him stopping the car suddenly. 

After a few seconds hitting the car in front, the next thing we notice is another *BANG* on our back because a motor cyclist hit into us because of the sudden stop. That's when things got even more serious because the motor cyclist was injured :(

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Date at IPPUDO Ramen

Hello everybody!! I need a short rant. I really need one.

My school work is starting to pile up at a rapid speed and there's so much things to catch up (catching up is not a good sign ><)! Sigh

Anyway, I just wanna say that no matter how much work you have on hand, you still need to have work life balance and take a chill pill when needed!! 

I personally think that working your ass off until you go berserk is not worth it at all because life is too short to not take some time off to enjoy and relax. You need to be in control of your life instead of having your work controlling your everything! If your work is controlling your life, you may wanna reconsider whether this is seriously what you want in life. 

Anyhoo, I needed a chill pill from my school work so on one of the weekdays where ma boy had his off, we went to IPPUDO Ramen at Westgate to have some Japanese ramen for lunch yo!~ hahaha

IPPUDO SG Singapore Westgate Shiromaru Motoaji Japanese Ramen Review Food Lunarrive Blog

It's our first time at IPPUDO Ramen and we decided to come here after reading some good reviews online about their ramen :)

Saturday 6 September 2014

August 2014 Gathering: Supply & Demand x NTUFEST2014

Hello everybody!! :)

Today I'll be blogging about my most recent monthly poly clique gathering session hahaha

Recently after returning from Korea, I've been pretty into makeup!!! In the past, I was only interested in skincare as you can see in my previous haul (I'm still pretty obsessed with skincare products haha) and didn't really give makeup much thought at all! But after spending a month in Korea and seeing so many chio bu in Korea wherever I go, I can't help but start looking into makeup hahaha

So for my upcoming Korean haul post, you'll get to see lots of skincare and makeup stuffs that I've purchased during my recent Korea Summer Studies trip hahaha

I'm still a total newbie to makeup so if you guys have got any tips or whatsoever in makeup (especially in covering up scars), be sure to comment and share it with me!! ^_^ I would really appreciate it hahaha

Anyhoo, moving on to my August 2014 gathering hehe

Starting off with a selfie with ma boy!! #fotd #howdoIlook?? hahaha

The makeup look I've ever done so far is almost always looking like this cuz it's simple and very natural looking :)

In this month's gathering, we went to Supply & Demand at Esplanade for dinner! :)

Supply and Demand Singapore Esplanade Salmon Salad Food Review lunarrive blog

Salmon salad with avocado!!!

Monday 1 September 2014

Ewha Summer Studies Day #13: Busan Part 1!

Hello everybody!! Today's post is a super exciting post cuz it's about my first trip to Busan!!! ^_^


I've finally got the chance to visit Busan! My previous trips were too rushed and short to really travel around Korea (out of Seoul to be exact) so I'm really excited for this trip actually!! :)

In addition, YX's PEACE Buddy followed us to Busan as well!! So thankful for that and really grateful that she took a lot of effort to bring us around Busan and have fun with us! And I'm glad that she managed to take this opportunity to go back to her hometown as well (her hometown is about an hour drive from Busan called Jinheng!!)

I will be splitting my Busan trip into two cuz I went there for 2D1N and there's a lot of stuffs to see!! ^_^

So without further ado, here comes Busan Part 1!! :)

Ewha University Summer Studies Program Busan Korea lunarrive Travel blog singapore

We set off from Seoul Station which is about 15mins (cost around 4500won) drive away from Ewha University!


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