Tuesday 1 March 2016

Expressions IPL Acne & Brightening Facial Treatment

It's been years since I've suffered from hormonal breakout in particularly around my chin area where headless pimples like to surface at. It's annoying and frustrating because I can't pop them and they would leave behind scars regardless whether I mess with them or not.

One day, I decided to research about this online (I should have done it earlier seriously T.T) that there is an IPL treatment that is specially catered for problematic skin and I was like WOW because I thought IPL is only meant for hair removal hahaha. *Sua ku here lolol*  

I was trying to avoid going to a dermatologist for this because that the treatments and subsequent maintenance would have cost a bomb in the long run. :(

Hence, when Expressions approached me for a collaboration, I immediately voiced to them about this concern of mine which have been bothering me for such a long time and my interest in IPL acne treatment to hopefully get rid of the core of these annoying headless pimples. 

I'm so glad that they allowed me to try it out and they even included in a IPL brightening treatment as well on top of the acne treatment to lighten my scars. Therefore, I would be sharing with you my IPL facial treatment here in this post so do read on. :)

Expressions IPL Acne Treatment Facial Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

I opted to go to their Orchard branch as it is more accessible for me and the first thing that was performed when I was there was a skin analysis to see how's my skin is doing.


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