Saturday 25 January 2014

Korean Skincare Haul from Seoul Trip! :)

Hi guys! I've recently returned from my holiday trip to Seoul with my mom and so today, I'm gonna show you guys ALL the skincare products that I've gotten from my trip!!! (Imagine all the reviews that will be coming up once I've used them!!! MUHAHAHAHA *so excited*)

Korean Skincare Haul Singapore lunarrive review
This picture shall summarize my Korean Skincare Haul! :) [The Saem excluded though]

Some of the products are not bought for my own personal use so I won't be able to review them. I'll list down all the items that I will be reviewing at the end of this post once I start to use them so stay tune! ^^

Okay first up, I shall start of with all the smaller and miscellaneous items!

korean skincare haul seoul korea moroccanoil treatment singapore lunarrive
From this group, I've started using the Red Clay Cleansing Puff as well as the Hawaiian Fresh Coffee Body Massage Gel from Nature's Republic. The cleansing puff comes in the Charcoal version one as well and I regretted for not getting it as well because the Cleansing Puff is really awesome to use!!!

I've also started on LUSH's Superbalm scalp treatment! The Skinfood hand creams are my all time favorite except for the one with the flowery patterns (that is a new product for me)! Oh do take note that the Moroccanoil series are not originated from Korea! I just got them from a salon while I was walking around in Myeong Dong :)

Next up is The Saem!

The Saem skincare haul Korea Seoul lunarrive singapore
My mom bought 7 boxes of hair dyes from The Saem which I seriously don't know why ( as if Singapore don't have O.O) 
When we were there, they were having a 1 for 1 sale for the Red Ginseng set so it was a really good deal! :)

The Saem skincare haul Korea Seoul lunarrive singapore
And these are all the freebies that the sweet salesgirl gave us for all the stuffs with bought! She really gave us a lot and I'm really thankful for that! *touched* (Excluding the Black Pearl Bubble Masks, those aren't free haha)

Up next is the extremely popular brand and one of my most favorite brand, Laneige!!!

Laneige skincare haul korea seoul lunarrive singapore
Among all the brands, Laneige is No. 1 in terms of total quantity haha
Mainly because they were really damn cheap compared to the price here in Singapore so I couldn't stop buying!!! (There are quite a lot of them which are for our friends and relatives as well)


THEFACESHOP skincare haul seoul korea lunarrive singapore
All of these are already available in Singapore EXCEPT for the Wash-Free All-In-One Cleasing Water, the Chia Seed 0% Oil Moisture Cream in 100ml Super Size, Christmas Special CC Cream Set as well as the Limited Edition Towel :)
The modeling gel path and the Raspberry Eye Patches are dirt cheap over there! :P

And lastly, Innisfree! (Jeju ingredients!!!)

innisfree skincare haul korea seoul lunarrive
This whole batch is probably the batch which I'm the most excited about among all because they are all highly raved, especially the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask which I really can't wait to use it to get rid of all the small acnes that I'm having right now!

Notice the small purple wording box beside the Forest Series lotion? It's a whole new product line that Innisfree just released which is this!

innisfree orchid enriched cream review lunarrive singapore
It's the Orchid Enriched Cream which has anti-aging ingredient as well as a bunch of others benefits!!  Who would think that orchid can actually be moisturizing? haha
And it's not just any regular orchid, it's Jeju Cold Growing Orchid! Wow O.O haha 

innisfree jeju cold growing orchid enriched cream lunarrive singapore review

I like how it states that it's formulated to improve the skin within and I really can't wait to try this but I will have to finish up my THEFACESHOP Chia Seed 0% Oil Moisture Cream and Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream first before I start using this product because I don't want to start on a new product until I've finished the ones I've started on. But I will definitely review this once I've tried it :)

That's it to my Korean Skincare Haul! Time for the list of products that are for my personal use!! ^^

Nature's Republic:
1) Hawaiian Fresh Coffee Body Massage Gel
2) Red Clay Cleansing Puff
3) Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack
5) Hair & Bath Sponge

1) Vita Juice hand Essence
2) Rose & Shea Butter Hand Cream

1) Superbalm Scalp Treament

Too Cool For School:
1) Spot Solution Stick

1) Restorative Hair Mask (x2 in quantity)
2) Morccanoil Treament Oil

The Saem:
1) Black Pearl Bubble Mask (I got 3 bottles for myself haha)
2) The Saem 95% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 
3) Bucket List Pore Brush (Not in the picture shown above)

1) Water Bank Gel Cream (2 tubs! ^^)
2) Power Essential Skin Refiner Sensitive (2 bottles for myself :D)
3) Purify-Tox Boosting Essence
4) Pore Tightening Essence
5) Pore Clearing Essence
9) Brightening Sun Powder SPF 50 (3 packs for me out of the 5 that I've got haha)

1) Chia Seed Watery Toner
2) Chia Seed 0% Oil Moisture Cream 100ml Super Size
4) Sharp Face Modeling Gel path
5) Raspberry Firm & Lift Collagen Eye Pack
6) Milk Calcium Nail Pack
7) Planet Art Nails in Blue Planet

1)Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam (both 150ml and 300ml tube are both mine :D)
7) Blackhead Out Brush (Got 2 brushes for myself :D)

I will review all the products once I feel confident and sure that my opinions on it is accurate :D 

I may do first impression posts on them first (I've started using quite a few of them haha) before I do a full review on them because I will need to take about at least a month per product to use and try them out before I review on them, so...I'll see how it goes!!! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and do stay tune for all the upcoming reviews that will be coming up in future ^^

Update: One of my readers requested to see all the samples that I've gotten in Korea from this haul so here it is!!! :)

korean skincare haul 2014 seoul free samples quantity lunarrive
Just to let you guys know, this is only about 30% - 40% of the full quantity of samples I've received!!!
I gave away 60-70% of them already cuz there's just way too many and I just can't finish using them!!!

Notice the bottom left package of samples? Inside, there's around 10 sets of samples! Each set contains an Emulsion cream, Toner and Moisturizer!!

korean skincare haul 2014 seoul free samples quantity lunarrive

Next is the The Saem Mask Packs :)
the saem mask packs korean skincare haul seoul lunarrive

I got a lot of it haha. Total about 12 packs :P

the saem mask packs korean skincare haul seoul lunarrive

G-Dragon is so handsome!!! KYAAAAA~~~~~


  1. Amazing haul! Can't wait to see your reviews! xx

    1. Thanks!! ^.^ I can't wait to review the products as well :D

      Nice blog you have there too! ^^

  2. Can you post the pictures of all the samples you got please:)

    1. hey there!! I'm afraid the samples I have left is not the original quantity that I've gotten cuz I gave away about 60-70% of them to my friends and families! Do you still see them? :)

  3. I'm sorry did you mean to say you want to still see them? Then yes please:)

    1. Ohh yes!! Sorry I didn't notice my typo error >_<

      Anyway, I've updated my haul post with the pictures of the samples that I still have with me! :) Enjoy!~

  4. I was just wondering does the innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam help remove zits and prevent them? Thank you.

    1. Hey there, I'm not so sure about the prevention part as I've just started using it! But so far I've observed that it does help to make my zits less inflamed and heal faster :) also it helps with controlling my sebum production as well :D hope this helps! :)

  5. Hi, I will be going to seoul in about a month...I want to splurge but am nervous about not having enough. Do you have an idea of how much you budgeted for this haul?

    1. Hi there, I didn't really set a budget for this haul cuz I just simply went ahead to grab all the things that I want when I was there haha. But I spent about approximately SGD$1.5k in this haul! So you can sort of estimate and set your budget from there :) Hope this helps and enjoy splurging in Korea! ^^



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