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안녕하세요! I am Luna, the blogger behind Lunarrive. :) Lunarrive shares every essence of my life and memories, in another word means everything haha.

I started out Lunarrive as a diary whereby I jot down all my emotional ups and downs as well as my daily activities.

Today, Lunarrive has matured over the years into a blog which hopes to serve its readers with informative knowledge on as much aspects of life as possible from personal views & experiences to beauty reviews, food reviews, travel and etc. Afterall, life is not just about a particular topic, it is much more than that and I hope you are just as ready as I am to embrace it. :)

However though, my main interests can still be classified into these categories: Beauty, Food, Shopping, Photography, Travel, and finally Big Bang (KPOP) haha
Never too old for chasing stars yeah! :)

Camera(s) I'm using to take my blog posts pictures:
Samsung EX2F 

Sometimes, me and ma boy (boyfriend) will rent big guns (a.k.a DSLR w various lenses) to explore and play around with so if you see a spike in picture quality, that's probably so hahaha

Recently, we decided to have him guest blog occasionally on my blog as well to spice things up once in a while by having a different writing color hahaha. The first post is up: here about his Krabi ORD trip hehe

If you have any enquiries, would like to work with me or just wanna say hello, you may contact me at lunarrive@gmail.com! ^_^

Disclaimer: All review posts are non-sponsored and paid using my own money unless stated otherwise.  I will only recommend products and services which I've personally or somebody that is very kin to me have tried it out because my goal here is to recommend only good stuffs to you, my dear readers. Therefore, whether sponsored or not, all opinions are strictly of my own, so don't worry. :D 

Lastly, if you would like to use any of my photos, and/or content, please kindly credit me at http://www.lunarrive.com and likewise, I'll do the same for all my blog posts as well from now on. 

Thank you and I hope you all have a great time reading my blog! ^_^


  1. Hi there, love reading your reviews! Are the products avail in Sg?

    1. Hey there, I'm glad that you enjoy my reviews ^_^ Most of the products are available in Singapore unless stated otherwise like some of the ones in my Korea Haul haha :)



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