Friday 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

(Taken in GyeongBuk Palace, Seoul)

It's a new year again! (In the Chinese calendar though haha)

So I would like to wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year!!! ^.^
Hong bao gun gun lai ahh!!! HUAT AHH!!! :)))

Although it's big festive season now, I still have a lot of school work that I need to catch up and honestly speaking, it's really tiring and taxing but I've got not choice. Sigh Chinese New Year also need to mug ahhh. Sobs


Tuesday 28 January 2014

A Day in JB #02

Another day in Johor Bahru! This time I went with ma boy and MS to chill haha

1st stop was as usual at our favorite Korean Restaurant in JB :)
kimchi and bbq korean cuisine restaurant johor bahru lunarrive

kimchi and bbq korean cuisine restaurant johor bahru lunarrive
Kimchi Stew that can feed about 2-3 pax :)

kimchi and bbq korean cuisine restaurant johor bahru lunarrive samgyetang
My all time favorite Samgyetang!!! :D

charcoal mousse malaysia johor bahru lunarrive
Random Charcoal Mousse Cupcake that we saw along the way and decided to give it a try! Tastes very creamy but its quite nice.

After that we went to KSL to shop and walk around a little and we also stop by a cafe to get some drinks :)
blue ceylon tea ksl johor bahru lunarrive
Blue Ceylon Tea. NOT NICE :(

And our next stop is at City Square Thai Odyssey which MS highly recommends to us to get some foot massage to relax our tired legs!

thai odyssey johor bahru city square foot massage lunarrive
In the midst of prepping my feet for the massage!

Awesome service that they provide here and their interior design is really nice and relaxing as well :)

thai odyssey johor bahru city square foot massage lunarrive
Before our massage must take some selcas hahaha

thai odyssey johor bahru city square foot massage lunarrive
After the massage, we are feeling all refreshed and relaxed :)

Their foot massage is slightly different from the others that I have went before. They provide eye covers to cover our eyes to maximize the relaxation feeling which I think is a very good move to have and not a lot of places provide such service (unless their price are like damn high).

For this kind of service, I think in Singapore it would have cost much higher. :/

And finally, our last stop is at Dragon-i for dinner (although we were still very full from our Korean cuisine :D

dragon-i city square johor bahru lunarrive dan dan noodle
Delicious Dan Dan noodle :)

dragon-i city square johor bahru lunarrive

dragon-i city square johor bahru lunarrive
I forgot the name of this bao but it tastes awesome! Although ma boy says that it's not really up to the real Shanghai standards, so I'm guessing it originated from Shanghai? :O

dragon-i city square johor bahru lunarrive

dragon-i city square johor bahru lunarrive

It was a fun day in JB once again haha 
You can check out my Day in JB #01 if you have not read it before yet! :D

Saturday 25 January 2014

Korean Skincare Haul from Seoul Trip! :)

Hi guys! I've recently returned from my holiday trip to Seoul with my mom and so today, I'm gonna show you guys ALL the skincare products that I've gotten from my trip!!! (Imagine all the reviews that will be coming up once I've used them!!! MUHAHAHAHA *so excited*)

Korean Skincare Haul Singapore lunarrive review
This picture shall summarize my Korean Skincare Haul! :) [The Saem excluded though]

Some of the products are not bought for my own personal use so I won't be able to review them. I'll list down all the items that I will be reviewing at the end of this post once I start to use them so stay tune! ^^

Monday 20 January 2014

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15

Hello!~ Today I'll be reviewing the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick which I got it from my Changi Airport Transit Area like I've promised! :) You can check out my previous post here: Travel Exclusive Deals

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 review singapore lunarrive
This is how the lipstick looks and I was actually pretty excited to try this out because I have never tried anything with SPF for my lips before!

Friday 17 January 2014

King Louis

These were taken in my last gathering with my poly mates :)

We had dinner at King Louis Grill and Bar!

king louis grill and bar vivo city singapore lunarrive

There's fish, chicken and pork altogether in one platter and it tastes pretty good haha

Wednesday 15 January 2014

B'day Celebration at Acid Bar

Recently, me and my uni girlfriends went out to have a Girls' Day Out to celebrate one of my friend's 21st birthday! :)

First stop was at Four Fingers for lunch when we were shopping for the birthday gift haha :)
four fingers singapore plaza singapura lunarrive
The spicy flavor is seriously super spicy >_< Way too spicy for my liking

Then after lunch, we went to KBox at Scape to sing karaoke before going to Genki Sushi for dinner!! (YAY I LOVE GENKI<3)

Thursday 9 January 2014

Planet Popcorn Christmas Version

Previously, I blogged about Planet Popcorn before and right now, they are have changed their packaging quite a bit to suit the festive seasons and also there's a new flavor!!!

It's the Dr. Cornedy flavor which in simple terms means Corn Soup flavor!!! :)

It tastes really good and has definitely entered one of my top three favorite flavors out of all their flavors (they have so many flavors to choose from!!!) !!!

Friday 3 January 2014

Travel Exclusive Deals at Changi Airport

I travelled to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in the early December recently and here are some of the stuffs I picked up in the Transit Area in both Changi Airport and Vietnam Airport! :D

The first product would be the Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX! It comes as a package with 4 tubs in it and for 4 tubs (together with a travel pouch), it cost $99.50!!! 

That means each tub only cost $24.80!!! That is even cheaper than buying from Korea!!!

changi airport travel exclusive deals promotions singapore lunarrive laneige water sleeping pack

The moment I saw this package, I immediately took a photo of it and send it to all my girlfriends and ask if they would like to share with me and I managed to get 3 of my girlfriends to share with me hehe!!! :)) All of us are Laneige fans oh yeah!~ 
Everyone likes good and cheap deals like this! :D

Wednesday 1 January 2014


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