Tuesday 30 July 2013

New Lifestyle

Today I went to check into my hall in NTU and the feeling of school is gonna start soon is really kicking in. I'm feeling really nervous and kinda a little stress about the workload and etc that's about to come. But then again. It's all about life. It's a threshold that I've gotta get through no matter what and my life is definitely gonna change quite a lot I guess.

Life always changes as I get into new environments. From secondary school to poly and all the worries during my poly days that I get because I was damn worried that I might not get into a local university as with my family financial status, I absolutely cannot go into a private uni. And right now, at this moment, I'm with NTU and my university life is gonna start. It's quite unbelievable and yet at the same time believable. HAHA complex emotions. 

I will probably write about my life as a NTU student as well as my life in NTU from now on once in a while :) 

P.S.: Ma boy finally passed his IPPT haha ^^ *clap clap* must maintain okay! hahaha

Thursday 25 July 2013


Some of the things that I bought the other day.

keep shoes benten red color rockstar by soon lee dhoby ghaut singapore sales clearance

Shoes from KEEP bought at Rockstar by Soon Lee at their Dhoby Ghaut outlet. 
I really love KEEP shoes especially their Benten series as they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Friday 5 July 2013

Nail Polish Storage

My nail polish storage is really in a mess and I just can't stand it anymore.

SO! I decided to go and hunt for a nice and proper storage! And I happen to come across THIS:

muji pp chubby box nail polish storage box drawer review
This is the MUJI PP Chubby Box that comes w/ 3 drawers!

It really fits all my nail polish really well and there are still a lot of space left after putting in all my nail polishes! I even have space to put my miscellaneous stuffs (to be exact, is dumping all my mess in it...OPPS haha) on the top drawer! :)

muji pp chubby box nail polish storage box drawer review

The drawer comes with dividers as well where you can take out and customize how you want to section the drawer! So I divided it into 3 sections! 

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Seoul Yummy!!!

Recently, I went for dinner with my friends at Seoul Yummy located at Novena United Square 2.

We ordered the army stew and shared among 3 people. 

korean side dishes
It comes along with 2 sets of side dishes. Anchovies and Kimchi are the best :)

Monday 1 July 2013


Today I'm gonna review about this product over here which I just bought and tried recently.

I just had my gel nail polish soaked off and my nails is really in a bad shape.

You can literally see the rough surface of my nails and it's really really dry and brittle after the soak off. (And not to mention my nails is freaking long after not having it cut for 1 month)

SO!! I decided to get this:

THEFACESHOP nail pack paraffin nutrition
THEFACESHOP NAIL PACK - Paraffin version


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