Monday 11 May 2015

Clothes Call: Change It, Don't Bin It

Hello everybody!! I'm finally back to blogging after the super long exam period!!! ^_^

Today I will be sharing with you guys how you can recycle and repurpose your clothes!! :)

Few weeks back, I was invited to a hands-on workshop hosted by Clothes Call along with Shermaine and Hazel!! :) 

Just a little background info, Clothes Call is a campaign committed to reducing Singapore's increasing textile waste and aims to bring about awareness on textile waste and the various methods of repurposing. 

There are many ways which you can repurpose your clothes and even tote bags but today I will be introducing you very simple technique and that is:
Fabric Stamping

DIY Fabric Stamping Gifts Clothes Call Recycling Repurposing Campaign

Here are some of the materials that you'll need to start off with the stamping! :)


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