Friday 27 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Recently, I got selected to go for Sephora's Mystery Mascara event (not there as a blogger btw, was really lucky to get selected out of so many members in Singapore!) and that was where I was introduced to the NEW Benefit Roller Lash Mascara!!! ^_^

The effects of this mascara is so amazing that I just have to share with you guys about it!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review Sephora Singapore Lunarrive Blog

This mascara has not been launched in Singapore yet so I'm really excited to be able to try it out before the big launch of this awesome mascara seriously! The packaging is so pretty too!!!

Friday 20 February 2015

Ewha Summer Studies Day #29 - 30 : Spicy Cheese Gopchang x Sajikdan Altar

Hello everyone, today I'll be bringing you guys the second last episode of my Summer Studies trip in South Korea!! :)

First off on Day 29, my 800 won breakfast version 2!! hahaha

Ewha Summer Studies Paris Baguette 800won Breakfast Seoul South Korea lunarrive travel blog

This one is the cheese version! The one you saw on Day #26 is the ham version! I personally prefer the cheese version over the ham one because I'm a cheese person HAHA.

Day 29 was the day we finally got to see the finished ceramics that we have created! :)

Ewha Summer Studies Korean Ceramics Seoul South Korea lunarrive travel blog

Sunday 15 February 2015

Supper Reunion @ Chinatown Food Street

Hawker food is definitely one of Singapore's local delicacies and has been passed down for many generations till today! Famous and popular hawker food are scattered around the entire island so sometimes it can be rather time consuming to travel on the hunt for good food.

Hence, I would like to introduce you the Chinatown Food Street!!! :)

One of the unique traits about the Chinatown Food Street is that it gathers all the popular hawker food from all over Singapore such as the Chomp Chomp Goodluck BBQ Chicken Wings, Chinatown Cheng Kee Hokkien Mee and etc, here so that we do not have to travel so many areas to enjoy these delicacies! Everything under one roof woohoo! :)

Chinatown Food Street Supper Reunion Event 2015 Lunarrive Blog

Saturday 14 February 2015

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Dinner @ Club Meatballs

Today, I'm here to share with you guys my experiences at Club Meatballs x The Entertainer Dinner Blogger Event that I was invited to last week! ^_^ A big thank you to The Entertainer for inviting me to this event and giving me the opportunity to meet and interact with other bloggers as well as share with you guys some good food and dining experiences you know you know!! hahaha

Club Meatballs Restaurant Dinner Review Lunarrive Blog

Anyway before I start I have to say this first, it's not that I can't share with you guys good food experiences without blogger event invitations, but there is a limitation as to how much and what type of dining experiences I can share and review about because being a full-time student, I do not have much income (only from part-time job ><) and reviewing restaurants can be rather taxing for somebody like me. T_T

Hence, I'm very thankful for all the opportunities I am given to be able to share good stuffs to my readers! ^_^

~~~Let's get started~~~

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Great Deals on The Entertainer App

Recently, I discovered two very awesome deals on The Entertainer App so I thought I need to blog about it to share it with you guys! :)

You may refer to my previous post for more detailed information about The Entertainer App: The Entertainer App Launch party 

Long story short, The Entertainer App is a mobile application that provides more than Buy 1-Get-1 Free deals from restaurants, spas to attractions and even 4 and 5* hotels across Asia and beyond! :)

Whenever you are feeling lost on where to go and/or eat with your loved ones (it is an issue that me and my friends meet a lot of time ><),The Entertainer App is capable of helping you find great deals near you via its GPS search function too! (Y)

New deals are added regularly and here are the two new deals which makes The Entertainer App even more worth getting!! :)

The Entertainer 2015 App lunarrive blog The Entertainer 2015 App lunarrive blog

The first one is the Adventure Cove 1-for-1 Adult Admission deal!! 

Monday 9 February 2015

Domino's Gold Rush Party

Last Monday, I was invited by The Influencer Network (TIN) to Domino's Gold Rush Party for a food tasting session of their new Domino's Golden Chicken!

The party was a blast and I'll be sharing with you guys my views on the food as well as my experiences at the event!! ^_^ 

Domino's Pizza Golden Chicken Gold Rush Party Review lunarrive food blog
Credits: The Influencer Network

Domino's has been one of my favourite pizza stores for years and I'm really excited to be one of the bloggers at the party! Thank you TIN for the invitation and giving me this golden opportunity!! ^_^

There are exclusive promo codes for my dear readers so be sure to stay tune the end!! :D


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