Friday 30 October 2015

SkinLab Medical Spa - Salicylic Acid Peel Facial Treatment

Hey everybody, today I will be introducing you guys a facial treatment from SkinLab Medical Spa which is suitable for acne-prone skin types!! :)

SkinLab Medical Spa Salicylic Acid Peel Facial Treatment Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you would have known that my skin is usually doing okay as a whole but headless pimples always come and haunt me without fail every time I get my period! It's extremely frustrating because I can't squeeze any impurities out and neither does any sort of pimple creams have any effects on it.

So, during my skin consultation at SkinLab Medical Spa, I raised this issue that I have to the aestheticians over there and they recommended me their Salicylic Acid Peel Facial!

Saturday 24 October 2015

Monday 5 October 2015

Saturday 3 October 2015

Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayons

Hey beauties, today I will be reviewing the Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayons which I've mentioned about briefly at the end of my previous review on Jane Iredale's Starter Kit! :) If you're looking for foundations, be sure to check that review out cuz their PurePressed Powder Foundation is simply amazing :) Its like your skin but better haha

Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Crayon Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Okay let's get back on track with the Lip Crayons haha

This PlayOn fall collection is full of rich colours that will complement any kind of outfit and mood for this season. :)

Thursday 1 October 2015

Moonshot Multi Protection UV Bouncer SPF 50+ PA+++

Hey everyone, today I have a really exciting product which I would like to share with you guys and that is moonshot has finally launched in Sephora Singapore!!!

Moonshot Cosmetics is launched by YG Family Entertainment who houses my favourrrrrrrrrrite KPOP Bands - Big Bang and 2NE1!!! *fangirl mode ONNNNNNN* 

There's no words available to describe my excitement to finally be able to get my hands on moonshot's product!!! The brand name moonshot already makes me veryyyyy major love liao as I'm a Moon lover haha. Mostly because my name is related to the Moon as well hahaha.

These make me kinda biased towards moonshot a lot and my expectations towards their products also shoots sky-high because of that as well hahaha. But I'm very glad that their products' quality is seriously very awesome. :)

Moonshot Multi Protection UV Bouncer Primer Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Therefore today, I will be sharing with you guys my favourite product from my recent moonshot haul and that is the Multi Protection UV Bouncer SPF 50+ PA+++!!!

The UV Bouncer is a Primer + Sunscreen multi-tasking product. 

What surprised me the most is how incredibly watery, moisturizing and lightweight this primer goes onto the skin!! It blends out and gets absorbed into the skin super quickly, leaving behind a cooling sensation without any streaks of greasiness at all! 

It is by far the BEST primer I've ever used seriously! 

How so?

1) It works very well with ALL my foundations! 
2) Making them go on my skin very smoothly 
3) Keeps my skin moisturized and glow healthily all day
4) My base makeup does not cake up even for those oil controlling foundations
5) Does not make me a grease ball at the end of the day as well if I use dewy foundations

These five points really shows how amazing it is for a primer. Even the super famous Benefit POREfessional doesn't work as well as this too. The POREfessional will cause me to get dry patches after a few hours if I use it with matte foundations.

The only two things I think it is not able to achieve is blurring out large pores and correcting of uneven skin tones but these are not major issues for me. So, if you have severe redness or uneven skin tones issues and/or large pores problems, you may need to add on an additional layer of colour correcting and/or pore blurring primer(s) to counter this issue. The POREfessional primer is a good choice to go for for pore blurring effects :)

Moonshot Multi Protection UV Bouncer Primer Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

This is how the primer looks. It is translucent in shade and blends super quickly. :)

Moonshot Multi Protection UV Bouncer Primer Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

This is how it looks after blending. It leaves a slight but non-sticky sheen behind after application :)

That's all to this review! I cannot live without this primer any longer when doing my makeup anymore hahaha

I am a believer in primers now. Good primers I mean. haha

I have also recently purchased two of their Jelly Pots as well as their Cream Paint which I will be reviewing in the near future. ^_^

If you have tried any moonshot's product before, do share with me and other readers in the comment box below. ^_^

Meanwhile, take care and rmb to drink more water! The haze nowadays is seriously no joke >_<

xoxo, Luna


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