Friday, 17 January 2014

King Louis

These were taken in my last gathering with my poly mates :)

We had dinner at King Louis Grill and Bar!

king louis grill and bar vivo city singapore lunarrive

There's fish, chicken and pork altogether in one platter and it tastes pretty good haha

After dinner, we went to watch The Hobbit 2 which was a freaking long movie!! It was 3 hours if I'm not wrong and we wanted to drink for a longer period of time after the movie but we couldn't because we didn't expect the movie to be so long >_<

This was taken after our ritual drinking session!

I just love meeting up with my poly mates! :) Always have so much fun with them I hope we will keep this tradition on even when we're old and married and etc. in future HAHA ^.^

We went back pretty late and some of us couldn't catch the last green line train and had to take cab home. I myself was trolled by the met as well cuz I thought there isn't any train left when I reached Outram Park but turns out that there's still one last train!!! Phew heng ahhh. Cab fare saved!!!

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