Wednesday, 15 January 2014

B'day Celebration at Acid Bar

Recently, me and my uni girlfriends went out to have a Girls' Day Out to celebrate one of my friend's 21st birthday! :)

First stop was at Four Fingers for lunch when we were shopping for the birthday gift haha :)
four fingers singapore plaza singapura lunarrive
The spicy flavor is seriously super spicy >_< Way too spicy for my liking

Then after lunch, we went to KBox at Scape to sing karaoke before going to Genki Sushi for dinner!! (YAY I LOVE GENKI<3)

And the main highlight was of course, DRINKING!~

acid bar lychee apple shots somerset singapore lunarrive
We 4 girls shared 25 shots at Acid Bar! I quite like the taste of it :) Lychee and Apple flavour!~

Impromptu "cake" that we ordered for our friend haha :)

The bar was actually very dark and we were like "打灯打灯" to get more light into the camera so that the pictures won't turn out so dark haha. 
In fact it turns out much nicer than I expected haha (love the soft tone in the picture above) ^^

This is after drinking pic haha!! It was a fun day just having us four girls together ^^

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