Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How I spent my New Year's Eve :)

My last day of 2013 was well spent with my poly besties hehe :) I had a double date dinner at SShikshin at Tampines 1 with ma dear MS and her boyfriend before we went to my house where we had a drinking session. 

Ma boy got quite tipsy for the first time because he drank (wolf down to be exact cuz he likes this particular alcohol) 2 cups of Bottega Limoncino pure when the rest of us mixed with Green Tea / Cranberry. -.- No wonder he knocked out so fast sigh. First time seeing him knocking out earlier than me HAHA

(Ma boy knocked out liao by this time so no photo with him >_<)

Polaroids! ~.~ 
There are quite a few which are quite fail cuz didn't aim properly hahaha

It was a fun night together counting down to 2014, drinking, HTHT session haha 

Maybe next time our monthly gathering can just have a calm and normal chilling session at one of our house. Like that we don't have to crack our brains to think of a place to go for gathering hahaha

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