Wednesday 6 November 2013

Victoria's Secret: Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist

Recently, I gotten myself a perfume (okay technically speaking not really a perfume also ahh but to me is a perfume ahh)! It's the first time I used a perfume haha 

Got this from Victoria's Secret and they were having a sale for the smaller items at 3 for $49 and just nice me and 2 of my friends share share so I decided to give this one a try :)

Presenting the Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist!!! :)

I really like the smell of it and it smells REALLY calming haha!!! (There are a lot of products which promise to provide calm and relaxing feeling but did not really deliver the promise. Irritating man! Don't you guys agree?) 

And also the fragrance of it is not overwhelmingly strong (even when you spray on yourself for like 5 times!) so it's good for a beginner like me :)

I like the whole packaging as well haha ^^ IT'S SO PRETTY!!! 

All 3 of us ended up getting products from this Aqua Kiss series haha cuz we find it really nice! And also because, our boys find it nice as well! HAHA 

I made sure ma boy likes the smell as well before I decided to purchase it haha :D When you buy perfume, you gotta make sure that your man likes it as well in my opinion if not he won't even get close to you when you're using the perfume if he dislikes the smell! It's definitely not a good thing to have your partner avoid getting close to you right!!!!!!!

There were some perfumes which we girls had tried when we were at store that really suited our taste and likings but the boys were like "IT SMELLS EWWWWWWW". LOLOL (Sometimes I just cannot understand why boys and girls have so different taste when it comes to perfume...HAHA)

Therefore, I would recommend the Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist to ladies who are beginners to perfume and also to people who likes lighter fragrance! The only down side is I guess it doesn't really last very long because it's a mist (but I don't mind that haha).

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