Sunday 17 November 2013

Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm

I've been having a extremely dry lips for the recent weeks. It's rather disturbing, uncomfortable and at the same time super unglam to look at (because of all the dry skin on my lips sigh) so I decided that I really need to do something about it. 

So one day I was at Sephora to collect the free limited edition mirror that they are giving away for people who did their survey, I thought I go and take a look at some of the lip treatments that they have over there. 

I asked one of the staff over there if she has any recommendations for extremely dry lips (A really nice lady haha, if I'm not wrong her name was Jowey :D If I got it wrong, I'm so sorry and please forgive me >_<), and she recommended me to this:

burt's bees ultra conditioning lip balm lunarrive singapore sephora

Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm
According to her, this works very well on dry lips and the price is very affordable as well ($8! For a product from Sephora, it's considered very cheap le!)

Also, I really like the fact that it's 100% NATURAL!!!

burt's bees ultra conditioning lip balm lunarrive singapore

The 100% natural contents factor totally attracted me to this lip balm so I just got this instead of the belief lip treatment which Jowey also recommended me. :) Putting natural ingredients on your lips is definitely better than putting all the man-made (a.k.a chemical) ingredients in my opinion haha, although sometimes natural ingredients does take a longer time to take effect.

Not to mention it promises to be able to provide up to 4 hours moisturization on your lips! That's a pretty long time for a lip balm. :) 

burt's bees ultra conditioning lip balm lunarrive singapore

SO, at the end of the story, does it really work? 

After just 3 days of usage, my lips' condition improved tremendously!!
Therefore, YES IT WORKED REALLY WELL (and I shall mention again, 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS!!!).

burt's bees ultra conditioning lip balm results lunarrive singapore
No more skin cracking or flaking on my lips :D

This is definitely the best lip balm I have ever encountered so far haha so if you have dry lips, you should definitely give this lip balm a try :)


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