Monday 11 November 2013

Body Shop Bath/Body Brush

I got myself a new bath brushy brushy haha
Or body brush, some people call it that way haha
the body shop bath body brush singapore lunarrive with hard case cover
Recently, I watched an episode of Tried and Tested where Shu An introduced about the benefits of a body brush to our skin.

I've always have back acnes ever since when I was still in Secondary School. And initially I thought they will just go away like normal pimples you know, but until now (I'm 20 already), they are still on my back!!!
So I decided that I really need to do something about it so I decided to get a body brush from The Body Shop to exfoliate the skin on my back which is an area that is really hard to reach! >_<
I chose the one Body Shop had because the bristles are softer compare to the others I've encountered when I was hunting for one and it's very nice to touch also but at the same time works very well!!! Not too harsh and not too soft so it's exactly what I'm looking for :)

the body shop bath body brush singapore lunarrive with hard case cover
It comes with a hard case cover as well to prevent dust from getting into the bristles when you're not using it! :) A lot of body brush from other places either had flimsy covers or no covers at all!
So this is the 2nd factor why I chose to get this one :)
It costs $12.90 which is cost slightly higher from the rest I saw but I'm sure with the hard case cover and nice bristles, it worths every penny ( somemore, everytime after I use it, my skins gets REALLY SUPER SOFT! )
Not sure if it will effectively help to reduce the back acnes that I'm having right now because I got it not long ago so I guess I will have to wait a little longer to see the results :)

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