Friday 8 November 2013

October Gathering :)

Me and my poly mates always meet up every month to catch up and chill (and drink haha) together so that we will stay close to each other! And for the month of October, we went to Wine Connection and here are what we had on that day! :

My dish - Sea Bass fillet with ratatouille, rice and some other salad (I forgot the name >_<)
The fish tastes quite good and fresh :) I like the ratatouille that they serve as well :D

Chili Crab Fettuccine! Quite a special dish and taste good too! :) It's a new dish on the menu.

Four Cheese Pizza! A must order for me when I come to Wine Connection for food haha

The boys of the day :) ( one of them missing cuz he's super late -.- )

Girls time!!! <3


The boys had red wine and we girls had white wine hehe. I'm never fond of red wines. They just don't taste good to me >_< (SO BITTER!!!)

Anyway all the best in NS to both Eric and my momma SC!!! :DDD
Can't wait to meet up with you guys again this month! ^.^

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