Friday, 27 September 2013

Swensen's Time

Sorry for the lack of update! I've been very busy with all my assignments and mid-terms tests preparations. It's so overwhelming and I just simply don't have time anymore for anything else (sobssss)

Okay anyway, on the 14th of September (I know that's like quite long ago already, I'm sorry :( ) Me, ma boy and ma boy's family went to Swensen's to have his father's birthday celebration lunch!!!

It's been a long time since I stepped into Swensen's already. I think since when I was in Secondary school? Seriously a very long time!

Anyhoo!! Pictures time!!!

swensen's mushroom soup singapore lunarrive food blog
 I ordered their mushroom soup which is served in a bread instead of a bowl. Quite nice but the bread is very filling. Too filling to me >_<
swensen's salmon and mushroom pasta singapore lunarrive food blog
Salmon and Mushroom pasta in cream sauce
This one over here is very nice. Especially the salmon! So oiishii!!! (I'm a salmon fan haha)

swensen's chicken baked rice singapore lunarrive food blog
 Chicken baked rice. Nothing special about this one. Just taste like normal baked rice. The ones me and ma boy had at Dim Dim is much nicer haha. I'll blog one about Dim Dim the next time to show you all their food (Y)

swensen's honey bbq chicken singapore lunarrive food blog
 BBQ Chicken. (The chicken is super small -.-)

swensen's hawaiian pizza singapore lunarrive food blog
 Hawaiian pizza (which doesn't look like hawaiian pizza in my opinion). They actually served us wrongly and gave us the pepperoni pizza instead of hawaiian in the first round and because we can't eat pepperoni (beef), we insisted on changing to hawaiian.

And finally! What's the point of going to Swensen's without ordering their ice cream? 

swensen's earthquake ice cream singapore lunarrive food blog
NOMNOM haha this is the best dish (dessert to be exact) for this meal :)
Super long never had Swensen's earthquake already haha
Ordered a lot of flavours to try and my most favorite is still Cookie's and Cream hehe

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