Sunday, 8 September 2013

NTU RAC Installation Night 2013

Me and ma boy on our way to NTU RAC Installation Night 2013 on Friday haha. Thought of inviting him over (even though he's not in NTU yet) cuz he used to be in RAC as well, so maybe can hang out hang out a little if he managed to see any familiar faces haha :)
Anyway both of us were really lucky haha. We both won a prize during the lucky draw session!! 
Both of us lehh!! Not one of us only sia haha. Somemore, the people sitting beside us had like a lot of stars (the lucky draw numbers are written on the stars) so they had a lot of chances lah (some underground stuffs going on I think) but we both still won! hehe very happy ^^

This is my prize (that's my lucky star over there!) and ma boy's a Dri-Fit T-shirt. :)
It's all about the satisfaction that we got from winning. It's not like we always get to win lucky draws man. 

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