Wednesday 4 September 2013

Experimenting Cooking 2: Mini Steamboat

For this week's experimenting of cooking, me and my roomie decided to have a mini steamboat in our room!!! 

I invited my friends over as well because the more the merrier mah haha 

And here are some of the ingredients that we've gotten:
mini steamboat hostel lunarrive singapore

 Selca *chi-ching*

mini steamboat hostel lunarrive singapore
Close-up to the main highlight of today

It was quite tiring but fun at the same time. However, the washing up part is the most troublesome one. There's a lot of things to wash (sigh) and we wasted quite a lot of food because we couldn't finish everything (even though we have 5 people in total). 

We are considering taking a break from experimenting cooking for maybe a week or two haha. Really very tiring sia >_<

NEXT! I shall show you guys what I prepared for my breakfast hehe.

Very oiishii de I promise

double cheese ham sandwich breakfast self made lunarrive
JA-JAN!!! Double cheese and ham sandwich!!! And toasted until very crispy also!!!
Really very oiishii haha I totally love it (not to mention, very simple to make also haha). 

Normally I would put just one piece of ham and cheese ahh but sometimes I put double serving cause it tastes a lot better hehe
That's why I must emphasise that a toaster is a must have at home/hall hehe.

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