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Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Previously, me and ma boy went for a food tasting session at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe and today we will be bringing you another guest blog entry by ma boy to review all the good food that we have had! haha

Let's just jump right into the food cuz they are seriously very good!! (Y) 

Read on! :)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Hi guys, it's me again! This time I am going to bring you to have a look at a cafe that is hidden behind a hawker center. This cafe do really provides good food taste, but it is just hidden. So I am going to share the food that I had enjoyed so much with you people!

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

We tried two type of drinks - Iced Thai Tea 'O' (SGD$2) and Wheat Grass.

The orange colored drink is Thai Tea, while the green one is Wheat Grass. The Thai Tea drink is sweet and has a very cooling feeling when swallow down. Although it does taste like a bit like lemon tea, the smell and taste is different. When I heard it is whet grass, the first thing that come to my mind is the grassy taste. As I drank the drink down, I felt very relaxing and cooling. The taste of grassy is weak and makes me wanting for more. 

Luna: (I find the Thai Tea 'O' really refreshing and not overly sweet like a lot of Thai Tea are out there! :) The 'O' means that there's no milk added to it so if you like to have it with milk, you can order the Iced Thai Tea instead ^_^ I personally prefer it without the milk as you can truly taste the fragrant of the tea leaves this way. In addition, the tea leaves are flown in from Thailand specially to preserve the originality of the taste and fragrance.)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Lala Bee Hoon Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Lala Bee Hoon Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon (SGD$18)

This is kind of spicy but very shiok! I like it when the bee hoon is being mixed in the sauce and letting the sauce to be absorb into the bee hoon. The taste after that is just watery nice! 

Luna: (I usually don't eat shell seafood such as clams, mussels, oysters and etc because I'm not able to tolerate their aftertaste. But I'm really surprised to find that the clams served in this dish does not have that kind of aftertaste at all and I ended up eating more than 10 clams hahaha. The Bee Hoon is really awesome as well along with the sauce :))

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Dill Pattie Omelette Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Dill Pattie Omelette a.k.a Cha Om (SGD$8)

Dill? You may wonder what is that. It is a kind of veg that Thailand has. It is very unique and has a jelly taste. Fried together with the egg is interesting and nice and brings out a new standard of our usual egg omelette.

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Hommok Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Hommok a.k.a Thai Style Otak (SGD$16)

Otah in a coconut. Who will have think of using coconut as a bowl? It is very interesting but be careful because it is real coconut so it may topple over if it is not placed properly on the table. This is very special and taste a bit like curry. Mainly I feel that it is because of the otah being mixed in the coconut. The flesh of the  coconut brings out a very interesting taste - sweet and curry. It may sounds weird but once you try it then decide. It is good when you eat it very rice.

Luna: (This dish here is definitely a must try!! It's god damn delicious! Creamy and sweet at the same time and goes extremely well with rice. I'm still reminiscing the taste of it haha. Gotta go back and have some more of this in the near future hehe :D)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe BBQ Pork Neck Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

BBQ Pork Neck (SGD$10)

Looks like Char Siew and taste like it also. However, the tender of the meat when you chew it is very different. It is very 'Q' and the sauce brings it to a next level of delicious. Moreover, the meat has no coloring - meaning to say that it is very natural.

Luna: (I personally don't think that it tastes like Char Siew. It could also be because I rarely eat Char Siew because I don't enjoy the sweetness. Using pork neck meat also brings out a very 'QQ' chewy-ness and I enjoy it :) Very fragrant and nice to bite hahahaha) 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Deep Fried Kang Kong Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Deep Fried Kang Kong (SGD$10)

Both the Kang Kong and the sauce taste very normal on its own but when mixed together, they taste very different. Sweet, sour, spicy, peanut just mixed together. The sauce tasted like satay but sweeter. When you have it, take note of the sauce as you will be finishing the sauce first before you can finish the veg! 

Luna: (I'm very surprised at the crunchy-ness of the Kang Kong and I personally think that it tasted good on its own but along with the sauce, it is just heavenly! It's a MUST DIP sauce hahaha. The sauce is a little spicy and has a little bit of seafood in it to bring out a different flavour altogether.)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Thai Walking Catfish with Spicy Lemon Soup Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Thai Walking Catfish with Spicy Lemon Soup (SGD$28)

Sauce is very similar to Tom Yam - sour and spicy. However, the fish, it is very different. It is not just any normal fish, it is catfish. Very few people has the chance of eating one catfish. This is so because the preparation of the fish is very different and difficult to handle. There is also a good reason why the owner choose catfish over other fishes. As the fish is being heated over time, other fishes - the meat - will become hard, but catfish will not. Also, there is more collagen in catfish which a lot of people like you and me love to have. Who doesn't like to look good? 

Luna: (This is my first time having catfish and I'm quite surprised that the meat is very tender and soft and power packed with collagen haha. I also think that the sauce helps to cancel out some of the fishiness and taste very good together with the fish :) I also like that they placed charcoal instead of wax at the bottom to ensure that the fish remains warm and delicious till the very end.)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe BBQ Chicken Wings Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

BBQ Chicken Wings (SGD$6 for 4 pieces)

Just grilled to perfection. The meat is just soft enough for you to bite. The juice of the meat will just flows into your mouth with every bite you take.

Luna: (I like that these wings are marinated in honey, tastes so much better than regular chicken wings haha and most importantly not very oily. Greasy wings turns me off >_<)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Basil Black Pepper Crab Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Basil Black Pepper Crab (Seasonal Price)

Luna: (I think this dish is like our regular black pepper crab but with a little more spice and spikiness (idk how to really describe this taste, like a tiny little bit of pokiness to my nose? hahaha) than the regular ones in the pleasant way haha)

And now time for the desserts~

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi (SGD$2.50)

So you maybe wondering what is the different between this dessert and the ones where you can buy at any dessert stores. It is more sour because of the lemongrass but good thing it is not very sweet so it's healthier in a way. The jelly on the other hand, is much more tastier - thicker (as in the density of the jelly).  

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Tapioca with Coconut Milk Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Tapioca with Coconut Milk (SGD$3.50)

Want to enjoy some warm coconut milk with cassava roots also known as Tapioca. The tapioca is so soft that it sort of melts in your mouth. This milk is just nice - not too sweet. 

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Thai Red Ruby Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Thai Red Ruby (SGD$3.50)

Sweet tooth people will loves to have this! It is just cold enough to make you crunch on the 'red ruby' when you chew it. There is also a sappy feeling that makes me wanted to have more. 

Luna: (I'm a big fan of red ruby, but not quite for this one cuz I find the rubies are not crunchy enough haha)

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango Food Review Lunarrive Singapore Lifestyle Blog

Sticky Glutinous Rice with Mango (SGD$6)

The glutinous rice is soft and tasty :)


That's it to this review on Spicy Thai Thai Cafe! We all had a very sumptuous meal and the main dishes were just awesome but as for the desserts, I personally don't think they are as good compared to their main dishes (probably because their main dishes standards are very good so my expectation for the desserts become too high liao >_<)

The Hommok is definitely the best among all the dishes, please do give it a try and be extra careful when you're handling it because I accidentally toppled it when I wanted to shift the position of it haha. >_<

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe also serves Mookata BBQ and when we were there, there were a lot of people having Mookata and it smells damn good when I passed by the tables hahaha. I'll probably bring my family there for a Mookata session one day :D

For more information, you may refer to:

Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
#01-35 Singapore 380115

Contact No.: +65 6747 8558

Operating hours: 11am to 12am (daily)

Special thanks to Christina and Spicy Thai Thai Cafe for the invite and warm host! :)

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