Sunday 23 August 2015

[Guest Blog] Red Ombré Hair


There are tons of hair care, clothing, accessories trends for women and they keep on changing well within a 6 months to a yearlong span. So if you have hopped on to the bandwagon a little later there is a chance you will be regretting it sooner as the trend you picked up on would slowly transform into something else. This is the beauty of fashion that nothing remains stagnant and everything keeps on changing with time. 
However, this is also a nuisance for women who do not get enough time to catch up on things quickly but to mend your heart there is a very concrete reality that,’ Everything that makes you look and feel confident is what really Fashion is about’. It doesn’t really matter if you are actually following the latest trend or not. For trendy hair lovers and for women who are always in a look out to try out new things over and over again it is a treat that there’s so much to look out for over the internet and here we are sharing with you the top 5 Red Ombre Hair Trends. Red is the color of hotness, festivity, love and sexiness, but at the same time it brings a certain level of confidence in the women who are bold enough to flaunt it with pride. Catch up with the rest of the article to find out about this amazing Red Ombre Hair Trends.


Black is probably the most common hair color across the globe. Even if not the most common naturally occurring hair color but women actually often revert back to having jet black hair as it is more like a sign of youth and vitality. So when it comes to driving a combination of Red Ombre hair from Black hair, it gives way to not only a very sexy Ombre result but also gives a very striking appeal to the overall personality. Black to Red Ombre hair can be applied to any hair length, long, medium or short. Even for pixie cut but the technique used cannot necessarily be pure Ombre. 


Mostly women prefer changing the base color of their hair as well before they go in for dip dying (Ombre). As this brings out a very different outlook of what they walked in with. Brown is a more naturally looking color in comparison to black that gives more like an extension kind of a look. Plus when Red Ombre is done on to a fresh and crisp chocolate brown or caramel base it naturally adds glow to the face and enhances your face bone structure.


You might be wondering what is flamingo to do with Red Ombre hair dying? Well flamingo is basically associated with a light pinkish hue of hair dye that most funky women flaunt. Yes women also have light pink colored hair dyes and we suggest them to go for a deep dark red ombre to emphasize much on their flamingo base. This is indeed one of the hottest Red Ombre Hair trends that you should definitely add to your to-do list. Flamingo base red Ombre hair dye will actually look crazy sexy with feathered hair cut. It not only adds volume to the feathered cut but also punches in that punk-rock kind of effect. 


So Deep Red Ombre hair is basically a very dark and maroon-ish shade of red that is used for the Ombre. This is actually a very good technique that can be applied on to the hair of women that are not that long with the bright red concept of Red Ombre hair. This also goes well with age, if you are a mother and are well into your 40s then our happy advice to you will be choosing a Deep Red Ombre. This will definitely add the streak of confidence according to your age group. 


One might think what is so hidden about this technique and so to clear any misconception right here by ‘Hidden’ we actually mean dying the inner tresses of your hair to Ombre. Yes this is actually a slowly picked up trend and is taken well by high school girls because this not only pumps up their personality but also goes according to the school rules (we know how pathetic it can be at times). So if you are really not that confident as a first timer then this technique would really suit you well and we suggest you to go for the Peek –e- Boo Red Ombre technique. There’s both class in this hot trend.

To look good in not only a Red Ombre dye but be it any hair dye, we suggest you to own it. Even if it is messed up a little at places there is always a room for correction. Give yourself and the dye some time together to go through the adjustment phase. A change always brings along some reservations but it is definitely worth a try. 

This post is guest blogged by Alvina from :) Thank you for the wonderful article on Red Ombré ^_^

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