Sunday 12 July 2015

Part-Time / Internship Part 2 : Internships benefits in the current competitive society

You may wanna first refer to my previous post on working part-time jobs and my views on what part-time jobs can benefit you in haha.

Today I will be touching on internships in Singapore instead. Experience, views and recommendations coming straight from somebody who is going to finish her internship soon (*HANDS UP* MEEEEEEE) :)

Okay let's start right from the beginning, being a NTU (Computer Science to be exact) student, doing internship is a compulsory programme for us and I even have quite a few friends who's hunting for internship when they have already finished their internship programme previously. @.@

And when I ask them why are you looking for internship still even though you've already completed your internship programme? They told me it is to gain more experience as well as to build up their CV so that it'll be easier to secure a job before or upon graduation.

Life is tough hor?

Learning in an ultra competitive environment in NTU means that there are a lot of people who are either better or the same level as you trying to snatch a place in prestige companies for an internship to buff up their CV. 

And there are also those who are extremely good with their development skills, they go for companies, mostly start-ups, to challenge their skills and bring it to a higher level. Very different strategies hor? But what to do if you are in between? To be honest, I'm not gonna sugar-coat anything here, you can only suck thumb and try your very best to fight your way through.

As times are changing, going for internships is a good way to learning and picking up more useful-for-work-life skills and preferably for a time period of 6 months and above so that companies will be more willing to give you major projects and greater responsibilities for you to push your limits and challenge yourself to grow.

Therefore, I would like to tell all my juniors who are still very young, plan ahead and try to go for internship if you are able to commit for a long time period and if time doesn't permits, (that doesn't mean you can slack at home and waste time ahh) then you can go for part-time jobs for some gaining experiences.

On the other hand, for those who are in their early years in university, or are looking into coming into universities with internship Singapore programmes, I seriously think that whether or not an university offers an internship programme, you should still source for an internship during your summer breaks to really gain more insights and when time comes for your actual internship programme to be sourced and chosen, you'll have a lot more advantage compared to others when it comes to interview and company selections.

So start early, not only when you need it. If not, life will be even tougher in this competitive society.

I used to look forward to throwing my graduation hats, but now...not so actually haha.

I hope this post has been helpful in someway to your life planning and you may also check out some available Singapore internship on as well ^_^

In the meantime, take care! xoxo

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