Friday 26 June 2015

Part-Time / Internship Part 1 : How should you Part-Time

This post will be a heart-to-heart talk (post) on working part time jobs.

Lunarrive My Thoughts on working Part-Time and How You Should Part-Time

I still remember the days when me and my friends were walking along the entire Orchard Road. Going into stores after stores, hotels after hotels, looking for a part time job to work for after we have completed our O levels. At that point of time, we were supposed to be revising for our O's somemore but yet we went out to find job lolol.
We were all so eager to go out and work lolol. To all students out there who are to undergo major examinations, please don't do what I did. LOLOL. Study well first haha. Finding part-time jobs for students during those times weren't hard, but troublesome and time consuming.

Since young, my mom have always taught me the importance of working. How working can give you more experiences, connect you with people, how you can become more mature from seeing things from different perspectives, gaining more insights and most importantly, give you an idea on how the working society is going to be so that you'll be more prepared for it.

You know, now that I'm in my 20s, I kinda disagree on how part time jobs can give you an idea on how the working society is going to be because seriously, let's be frank over here okay, many companies take part-timers less seriously and in terms of workload, responsibilities and welfare wise, what part-timers will have will be much lesser compared to the full-timers which is completely understandable though in my opinion because we part-timers get to enjoy more freedom and flexibility on whether we want to stay in a particular company or not. But without an appropriate amount of workload and responsibilities, there is a certain limitation as to how much you'll be able to pick up and learn about. Therefore, honestly speaking, you can't really judge how the working society is going to be just by working part-time. But I'm not saying that working part time is bad too!

I feel that the most important takeaway from working part time jobs is not on giving you an idea on how the working society is going to be, it is to take this opportunity to find & realize your passion and the type of working environment that you will like to be working in once you've completed your studies and to be stepped out into the working society. The easiest way to try out and hop around different kind of industry fields and working environment is definitely through working part time as you don't hold as much commitment compared to internship (which I will be covering on in the near future) / full time in my opinion.

Of course that is subjected to personal preference and character as well too because I do have friends who have worked part time for a particular company for 1 year and above. I myself have worked part time in two different companies for a very long time (2 years and more) but mainly it was because I enjoy the working environment and the people very much haha.

It is also precisely why I feel that job hopping maybe a good idea because you get to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things more every single time you job hop. And by job hopping I don't mean you work for 3 days then you change job. That's way too irresponsible liao okay lolol. What I mean is like you can work for a period of 1-3 months then try other ones out.

So what I would like to say to you my dear readers, if you still have the leeway to job hop, just hop it.  Because when you reach a certain age (example mine), you'll not have much opportunities left to do so as you will have many other commitments on hand for you to attend to.

And if you are somebody who is already in the working society, may you be in a job that you truly love about. I know there are some of my friends who doesn't (and I know you read my blog huhhhhhh hahahaha).

Here is one of the websites you can kick start your search for part time jobs in singapore at: :)

Technologies have made life so much easier, a simple google search for part time jobs singapore, and there you have a list of jobs which you can screen through and consider easily compared to in the past. There are also several Facebook groups which many of my friends join to keep a look out for ad-hoc and/or part time jobs!

That is the end to my heart-to-heart thoughts on working part time jobs. I actually have many more in mind but I feel that it'll be too long-winded to blog about them liao haha.

What are your thoughts on working part-time job? Do let me know in the comment box below or drop me an email and we can discuss about it further hahaha

In the meantime, have fun and stay tune to my next post on internship :)

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