Saturday 13 September 2014

Car Accident

As the title states, I got into a car accident yesterday late afternoon while on my way back home in my friend's car. It's our first time getting into a car accident and there's only one word I can say about the entire incident - Shock.

Everything happened so quickly and before I even knew it, *BANG*!!!!!! We hit the car in front of us who stopped out of the blue in the middle of the highway. I don't know what is the cause of him stopping the car suddenly. 

After a few seconds hitting the car in front, the next thing we notice is another *BANG* on our back because a motor cyclist hit into us because of the sudden stop. That's when things got even more serious because the motor cyclist was injured :(
The crashes were like a chain effect and I was totally in shock and blanked out for a few minutes after seeing the motor cyclist bleeding on his head and possibly a fractured leg.

It just brings back traumatic memories because I lost my father through a car & motor cyclist accident as well when I was in Primary 6. My father was hit by the car and he was...gone on the spot of the accident and I can never ever see him again. Everything was so sudden back then too. Although it's been 9 years since the accident, it's still a painful memory that I try my best not to recall (but I just can't stop it this time round).

The reason why I'm blogging about this no matter how painful it is for me emotionally is because I really wanna share with you guys that life is really very unpredictable and vulnerable. Anything can happen at any moment and it can happen just so ever swiftly.

So, really, cherish all the time and moments you have with your loved ones now. 

Try your best to make time for them from your busy schedule as you can never know when and what's gonna happen to them or yourself. 

Don't have any regrets in life. 

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