Friday, 14 March 2014

Marc Anthony: Morocco Argan Oil Haircare Series

Hey guys, today I'll be reviewing my new haircare routine that I've changed to ever since the Essential Damage Care Haircare Series starts to cause my scalp to get dandruffs!!

The shampoo and conditioner I'm using are from Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil series!

The reason why I chose this series is because I want to have shinier and healthier looking hair as my hair is freaking dry, damaged and frizzy (and it looks damn unhealthy)!

Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner t review singapore lunarrive

I picked this up at Watson's quite sometime ago and have been loving it ever since because it cleanses very well and at the same time, makes my hair really soft, nice and bouncy after I've washed it! :)

And also it's Sulfate Free which makes it less damaging to your hair! :)

So after having a good time using the shampoo and conditioner, I decided to purchase the treatment oil that is also of the same series!

Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil Haircare Oil Treatment review singapore lunarrive

This oil over here I would say is rather okay. I don't really see much difference after using this treatment oil on my hair. :/ 

Maybe because my hair is way too damaged for it to have any effect on it :(

Marc Anthony Morocco Argan Oil Haircare Oil Treatment review singapore lunarrive

Probably the only down side for this haircare series is that it's rather pricey as the shampoo and conditioner cost $17.90 per tube and $18.90 for the treatment oil! 

That's like double the price of the Essential ones but the results they deliver are much better except for the hair oil! Probably won't be getting the hair oil again in future but I will definitely purchase the shampoo and conditioner again (in fact I already have cuz watson's is having sale recently :))!

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  1. I've heard good things about this marc anthony şampuan product. Going on my wish list now!



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