Thursday 27 March 2014

Scissors Snipped It!!

This is the length of my hair (before).

Super super long haha. 

I haven't cut it much ever since I graduated from secondary school (which is like 5 years ago omg) ! I've so far trimmed it about 2-3 times only in the period of 5 years so that explains the super hair length haha and I have not let any scissors go near it for 3 years!!

It has reached my bum area and daily washes of my hair is so tiring because it's way too long!!!

SOOOOOOO!!! After not cutting at all for 3 years, I've decided it's time to snip some of it off!!

And this is my new hair length (and style, if you can spot the difference from my previous blog posts haha) !!!

I requested for zero layering because layering sometimes cause some strands of my hair to look like udon noodles when I wake up in the morning >_<

Back view of my hair!

I'm quite liking my new hair length haha but a lot of people said that there's zero difference even though I cut a lot off already. -.-

I really cut a lot off I swear. From my bum till my upper back lehh!!! That's a lot man :( 

The moment I sat on the chair in the salon and told my hair stylist I want to cut my hair shorter, he immediately snipped a good 4 inches of hair off and I didn't even realize my hair was already shortened until about 15mins later LOLOL

But yet the first thing my mom told me after I came out from the hair salon was: "WHY YOU CUT SO LITTLE??? SHOULD CUT MORE!!"

Sigh. Really got that bad mehh? :(

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