Monday 30 December 2013

Maccha House

maccha house orchard central review lunarrive singapore

During one of our weekend dates when ma boy booked out, we happened to come across the Maccha House after having our regular Genki Sushi cravings fixed at Orchard Central haha (Genki Sushi rocks!!! :D)

We then decided to try out their Maccha Float! We had to customize it because they only have Maccha Latte with Float (We had to because I can't drink coffee) so it cost quite a bomb for such a small cup. 

maccha house orchard central review singapore lunarrive

We two had to share one cup haha. The ice cream is really nice and the Maccha I would say is very authentic in terms of taste because it's not sweet at all. All the sweetness comes from the ice cream so when the taste of the ice cream and the Maccha combines together, it is quite nice I would say haha

Next time I shall give their ramen a try! They offer quite a variety of ramen to choose from :D

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