Thursday 1 August 2013

A Day in JB

During one of ma boy's book out, we went to Johor to have a date and dine at our all-time favourite Korean restaurant at Jalan Perangi. It is run by a true blood Korean family so I really trust their food quality and taste haha

Wearing the GEO Dolly series WBS-202 
I will one day do an overall review on all the brands of colored contact lenses that I have worn before haha

korean citron tea johor bahru kimchi and bbq
Korean Citron Tea

samgyupsal pork bbq korean style  johor bahru kimchi and bbq
BBQ-ing of samgyupsal hehe :)
This time round they are using a different way of cooking the meat. This is my first encounter with this way of cooking, normally it's by the normal grilling and stuffs de.

korean side dish

korean ginseng chicken soup samgyetang johor bahru kimchi and bbq
My all-time favourite Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup - Samgyetang!!! It's a must eat for me everytime I visit the restaurant.

korean bbq samgyupsal pork meat johor bahru kimchi and bbq
The meat are getting cooked!!! NOMNOM!!!

jjapchae johor bahru kimchi and bbq
Jjapchae!!! This one next time I will not eat le. The standard is dropping each time I ordered their jjapchae ><

Back in SG before ma boy books in, we decided to dine at Pastamania at Pasir Ris Sports Complex.

pastamania minestrone soup
Decided to try minestrone soup cuz they don't have cream of chicken/mushroom today :(
I still prefer cream soup haha

pastamania creamy chicken spaghetti
My favourite - Creamy Chicken Spaghetti :)

pastamania carbonara spaghetti pasir ris
Ma boy ordered Carbonara :)

Many more good stuffs to come haha
Slowly slowly k haha

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