Tuesday 30 July 2013

New Lifestyle

Today I went to check into my hall in NTU and the feeling of school is gonna start soon is really kicking in. I'm feeling really nervous and kinda a little stress about the workload and etc that's about to come. But then again. It's all about life. It's a threshold that I've gotta get through no matter what and my life is definitely gonna change quite a lot I guess.

Life always changes as I get into new environments. From secondary school to poly and all the worries during my poly days that I get because I was damn worried that I might not get into a local university as with my family financial status, I absolutely cannot go into a private uni. And right now, at this moment, I'm with NTU and my university life is gonna start. It's quite unbelievable and yet at the same time believable. HAHA complex emotions. 

I will probably write about my life as a NTU student as well as my life in NTU from now on once in a while :) 

P.S.: Ma boy finally passed his IPPT haha ^^ *clap clap* must maintain okay! hahaha

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