Monday 1 July 2013


Today I'm gonna review about this product over here which I just bought and tried recently.

I just had my gel nail polish soaked off and my nails is really in a bad shape.

You can literally see the rough surface of my nails and it's really really dry and brittle after the soak off. (And not to mention my nails is freaking long after not having it cut for 1 month)

SO!! I decided to get this:

THEFACESHOP nail pack paraffin nutrition
THEFACESHOP NAIL PACK - Paraffin version

They have 3 different versions available (and I bought all 3 of them to try haha) but I decided to try the Paraffin Nutrition one first because my nails are in great of nutrition and moisture so that it won't be so rough and weak.

This is how it looks like once on the hand and I would say the results of it is actually quite good. My nails became smoother and feels better after I took off the pack.

I put it on my left hand first then on my right hand so that I would still have a free hand to click the mouse and surf the internet haha. 

I would definitely purchase this again in future whenever my nails is in dire need of moisture :) Can't wait to try the lemon and milk version one. :)

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