Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Resolution

Well, it's that time of the year again. The last day of 2015 and time for some reflections.

This year has definitely been a really fast, fulfilling but yet at the same time sad year.

Fulfilling because I had a great internship where I've picked up a lot of new skills, opened lots of doors for my blogging journey as I've been given lots of opportunities this year to do sponsored reviews, events and etc and I got to meet lots of new great people as well. ^_^
I am also very lucky and blessed to be given my first choice for my Final Year Project but I've gotta put in a lot of work still so JIAYOUS JIAYOUS!!!

Sad because I lost my grandma back in October. She's one of the very few family members left whom I care for dearly but stage 4 liver cancer ultimately took her away from us like a whirlwind. My only regret is for not spending more time with her when it was the only thing she ever wanted. From now on, no matter how busy I am, I'm gonna spend as much time with my mother as she wants to spend with me. I don't want to regret over the same reason ever again because no amount of time, work, money and etc is ever going to bring her back once she's gone.

Good thing is that there's a new addition to our family and that is a neko (cat)! Introducing Bobby!!

He is a stray cat that my aunt picked up and she said that it is very shy and scared of a lot of things including humans but apparently he is a super snuggly (and naughty) one! Even more snuggly than my dog which I had in the past. Sometimes I really wonder if he really is a cat *laugh*. Moreover, he knows how to come home and stuffs after he had enough of free time outside hahaha. He came to our house just around the time when my grandma was admitted into the hospital and I guess he's sort of a god sent to us as it kept us companied throughout the whole ordeal.. He's a mental support especially for my mom and I'm very thankful for that.. 

I would like to thank ma boy as well for supporting me through the ups and downs, for giving me a new camera when my EX2F was in its old age and in need of retirement and for his ability to be able to handle my quick temper. :) My temper and patience have definitely improved tremendously over the years with his support and patience. Thank you for being there for me patiently even when others have either already avoided / lost patience with me. Thank you for everything! *hugs*

The coming year is definitely going to be an exciting, thrilling and maybe a little scary one as I will be graduating from NTU next year and stepping into the next phase of my life and that is the Working Society. I will also be starting my professional makeup artistry course officially in the coming January to enhance my knowledge and skills to fulfil my passion for beauty! ^_^ Definitely feeling very nervous about all the new adventures that will be coming next year but I'll do my best and may everything be smooth sailing!! :)

2016 please be a good year!! HWAITING HWAITING HWAITING!!!

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