Saturday 14 March 2015

Shoe-paholic Affair at 313@Somerset

With the new Disney Cinderella movie out in the cinemas now, 313@Somerset is now having a Fit The Shoe challenge where 8 winners will stand a chance to win $100 313@Somerset shopping vouchers at L1 Atrium level with 180 shoes on display!! :)

Here are some of the shoes on display at the event area!! :)

Beautiful gowns being displayed here as well <3

Limited edition Adidas sneakers looking very chic and cool :)

The glass slipper has got to be my ultimate favorite of course! It is so gorgeous!!! :D

Join in the fun and challenge now by coming down to the Shoe-paholic Affair display at 313@somerset L1 Atrium, grab a shoe that fits you, snap a #shoefie, post and hashtag #313fittheshoe on Instagram! :)

Both men’s shoes and women’s shoes are available to fit on. The deadline of the challenge is 15th March 2015 and the winners will be notified by 20th March 2015. :)
Remember to set your Instagram profile to “public” so  that everyone can see it! ^•^

Good luck and have fun! :)

Operating hours: 
Sun to Thursday 10am to 10pm
Sat 10am to 11pm

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