Monday 25 August 2014

Horrible Hormonal Breakout

This is gonna be a brief post before I start cracking on my school work T.T

I've been getting extremely jialat (a.k.a. bad) hormonal breakout for the past few days and I thought this would be a good timing to briefly share with you guys what I do whenever I get painful zits on my face!

If you're like me who's all busy with school work and do not have time to do clay mask or whatsoever, this is a convenient and effective method to calm down painful zits fast!

And that is to SPAM your acne cream on those painful spots like a mask and leave it on for the entire night!!! :)

You can use any cream that suits you but the cream that I highly recommend and love for such situations is the Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Essence R which I've reviewed awhile ago!

The reason why I like to use this cream when it comes to such situation is because the consistency of it is thicker and it'll stay on the spots for a very long time! Therefore, my spots will be able to absorb all the anti-trouble essences all night long and by the next morning when I'm washing the cream off, my zits would have calmed down a lot and be less painful by the time (and yes, it will not be gotten rid of so easily so it will take a few more days for all the zits to be completely gone)!

So ma ladies, do try this method out if hormonal and freaking painful zits decide to visit you!

Also, do comment and share with me if you know any other method(s) with regards to dealing with painful zits (best is to make them stop visiting me forever) and/or if my method works for you! :) 

I would love to try out new methods because my zits are highly adaptable man! I have to change out my acne products pretty often because of its adaptability! T.T


  1. Urgh! I know the feeling; hormonal acne breakouts are the bane of my existence.

    My current wildcard has been slathering my face in manuka honey: a natural antibacterial and it lessens the swelling. But I'll have a look into your Innisfree cure as I've heard a few good words about their spot treatment. Thanks for the heads-up!

    PS. Lovin' the eyebrows!

    ♥ Rin from Fuurin Diary

    1. Hey Rin!

      Yeah I totally agree with you! I hate hormonal breakouts and I just can't make them stop. Sighh

      And thanks for sharing your tip with me!! I'll definitely give manuka honey a try and I hope the Innisfree one will work well for you too!! :)

      Cheers! ^_^



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